Hydrating Facial Exfoliant 125mL



Gentle natural exfoliating facial scrub for achieving cleaner and smoother looking skin. Why scratch your face with harsh and painful dermabrasion?


  • Effectively exfoliates to remove impurities and dead skin cells which can clog the pores.
  • Marine algae is a gentle exfoliating agent which gives the skin a “soft” facial scrub which improves the skin’s texture and produces an even tone.
  • A natural safe alternative to dermabrasion and harsh scrubs which can scratch the skin leading to skin sensitizing.


Witch Hazel is a natural alcohol-free toner with effective astringent properties to reduce pore size and tone the skin.

Vitamin E increases skin moisturizing and hydration.

Vitamin E

is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radical skin damage. It increases the miniaturisation of the horny layer of the skin, and increases the moisture absorption into the skin for a more youthful looking skin.

Marine Algae

is a natural and gentle face exfoliator agent that gives a “soft” facial exfoliant while purifying and deep cleansing the skin. Re-mineralises skin with important trace elements such as calcium, manganese, silicium and zinc.

Salicylic Acid

is naturally derived from Wintergreen leaves and the bark of Sweet Birch. It has positive effects on prematurely aged skin due to sun exposure. It exfoliates the face to improve texture, and is useful for acne-prone skin as an acne scrub. Studies show it to be less irritating than skin care products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (Glycolic acid).