Aluminium Free Deodorant

The Aluminium in Deodorants is Harmful.

Let me be perfectly clear. There is no conclusive scientific proof that the Aluminium in deodorants causes cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Studies to date have found no proven link between the use of aluminium in deodorants and the risk of developing breast cancer. What we do know for certain is that aluminium has been found in the upper outer quadrant of the breast nearest the underarm in women with breast cancer. Is it just coincidence that so much Aluminium is present in this part of the breast and not the other parts? Is it just coincidence that breast cancer rates are rising?

Knowing all this why would you take the risk?

Ecotanicals Aluminium-Free Anti-Perspirant deodorant was specially formulated as an effective natural alternative to irritating Aluminium and chemical based deodorants. Ecotanicals uses a Zinc complex which absorbs the bacteria and chemicals produced by the body which cause odours. Zinc, as you know, also has soothing and healing properties and is used in many products for reducing inflammation. It also contains a high concentration of the essential amino acid Lysine which when used in combination with the Zinc, neutralises the effects of excess perspiration. Lysine has skin regeneration properties which is essential as every time you shave the under-arm area, you remove many layers of skin which leads to irritation and accelerated water loss or de-hydration. Using Aluminium deodorants can further irritate this delicate area. Packed with Witch Hazel, Australian Tea Tree Oil and Geranium oil which are calming, healing and soothing they have effective anti-inflammatory and anti-pruitic properties.

Ecotanicals Aluminium-Free Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is the most effective Aluminium-Free natural deodorant available.

That’s our promise to you. Safe to use throughout the day unlike Aluminium deodorants which shouldn’t be applied after shaving. It will keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. Why not try some today.

Money Back guarantee: If it is not the most effective Aluminium-Free deodorant you’ve tried simply return it telling us which one is and receive a full refund.

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